New VTAD Board

Hello everyone! The new VTAD board would like to introduce themselves to you all and please check it out! Click on the picture above to see the video!


Hi! The background is black. I’m white woman with shoulder length brown hair. Blue eyes. Yellow and green fingernails. Wearing rings and earrings. Gray long sleeve, zip-up sweater. My name’s Rebecca Lalanne. (Name sign). Your VTAD President. I want to share a fun fact about myself with you. What that is…I pet a cheetah. When I traveled to Africa

Now, onto John Pirone

Hi everyone, the community. The background is yellow. I’m a white man, my hair mixture of brown and gray, short. I have a gray full beard. I’m wearing glasses. My long sleeve shirt’s green. My name is John Pirone (Name sign). I’m your VTAD Vice President. Now, for the fun fact…I wasn’t born in America. I was born in Hong Kong. It just happened when my family lived there for four years.

Now, onto Secretary- Val

Hi, Hi! My background’s blue. I’m a white woman with mixture of brown and blond pass shoulder length. I’m wearing glasses..and green fingernails. I’m wearing black long sleeve shirt. My name is Val Hughes. I’m your VTAD Secretary. I want to share fun fact about myself. I’m a thrill–seeker. I love to travel and..I just did bungee-jump last fall! I enjoyed it and looking forward to next one.

Onto your treasurer, Allen

Hello, hello, hello..The background is gray. I’m a white man. I’m about 45 years old. I have brown hair and gray beard. I’m wearing green shirt. My name is Allen Winfree (Name sign). I’m your VTAD treasurer. The fun fact about me..I grew up going high school playing sports with a famous football player, Randy Moss. I’m still in touch with him.

Now, onto VTAD MAL

Hi, Hi..My background’s blue. I’m a white man with dirty blond hair, mixture of white and dirty blond beard. I’m wearing black long sleeve shirt. My name is Jacob Veeder (Name sign). I’m your MAL, Member at Large. Fun Fact about me…I can’t smell. That means you can fart front of me.

Now onto ex-officio

Hi all! My background’s blue. I’m a white man. I’m wearing glasses and have a beard. I have a mixture of brown and white short hair. I’m wearing black long sleeve shirt with zip up. My name is David Krueger (Name sign). I’m ex-officio…former president. Fun fact about me..I love winter season!! I always look forward for the winter season to come and start. Love it till it ends… I become disappointed.

At the end of the video, all 6 officers on the screen together.

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