The Vermont Association of the Deaf (VTAD) is a membership organization and a partnership among individuals who are deaf, members of the deaf community, including parents of deaf children, and professionals working in various deaf-related fields and endeavors, organizations of, for, and by the deaf, and businesses at large. 

Our mission is to promote the welfare of deaf Vermonters in all areas of life, to advance our educational, vocational, and economic status, and to enhance our intellectual, recreational, spiritual, and social standards. We accomplish this mission by ensuring that only deaf individuals hold leadership positions within the VTAD, that parents of deaf children become aware of, and involved in, all facets of deaf life, that professionals, deaf or not, working in our field are of the highest caliber and competency, that employers at large are-made aware of the abilities and capabilities of deaf employees, and that a comprehensive, coordinated system of services, public and private, is accessible to parents of deaf children and to us.