Restorative Justice by Franly Ulerio-Nunez

Presentation at VTAD event Jan 6, 2024 at Old Barre Town Hall 1-4 pm


I’m Afro-Latino, a biochemist, and an activist. My 10+ years of experience in team leadership at different organizations took place from community to employers. My leadership model was cultivated with the support of my multi-intersectional groups throughout a series of small discussions and dialogue. I worked part time as a teaching assistant at two different Deaf schools. After that teaching experience, I currently enroll in the Animal Bioscience program for Master of Science at University of Vermont. I formerly trained in Mental Health First Aid for Adults. 

Presentation Summary:

Systematic oppression weakens the self-belonging space in leadership development. Therefore, the innovative leadership has struggles. The climate of fear within the institutions and businesses is increasing quickly.  Capitalistic culture heavily relies on an authoritarian system. The community leaders and employees immediately become divisive in the capitalistic culture. A principle of interconnectedness recognizes the internal framework that exists where human care and inclusive perspectives are present. A dignity-self-belonging structure in the institutions brings in checks and balances of power, and the ability to get support from the public. Prosperity, equity, and information access can be achieved once public trust is restored. 

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