**9/23/2023- Austine Alumni meeting STILL on!!**


Hello my name is Val Hughes and some people tried to say there’s no meeting this Saturday. No… THERE will be a meeting this Saturday the 23rd at 11 am at Dartmouth Hospital

At auditorium and I will explain more about that later. The purpose of this meeting is to re establish the Austine Alumni and to elect new officers for this as well.

We want to have an open discussion about this – open discussion. I know some of you people live far away like Louisiana and other places , do not worry.

There will be a zoom link set up and if you need it please contact me in here and I’ll get your email address so I can send it out. As for you all in New England area , please come to this meeting. We need you all there! There will be food court for lunch break.

Thank you and Austine Strong !

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