VTDBHI+ day May 4th 2024


Here is the information for our VTDBHI+ Community Day that is happening on May 4th!  

Let’s show off our Star Wars favorites on that day! 

Hope to see you all there!!!

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Image from Left to Right:

Secretary: Valerie Hughes
President: Rebecca Lalanne
Vice-President: John Pirone
Treasurer: Allen Winfree
MAL: Jacob Veeder

Again, We want to congratulate and welcome to the board officers for VTAD- we are grateful and exciting to have this group of individuals join the board and bring the unique talents, expertise and perspective to the work of VTAD! 🙂

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**VTAD Election/Meeting Link**

 Come and Join us to watch VTAD Election/ Meeting! This will open at 4pm. 🙂


VTAD Election/Meeting (February 11, 2024)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 865 9258 2918

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Image description: Black background, A white male, blonde short hair, short beard. Wearing silver earrings- Black long sleeve button shirt.

Hello ya’ll! I’m Larry and I am a VtAD Secretary. I know it’s getting closer and closer to the date, February 11th, Super Bowl Party! We are exciting and we will be hosting this event! YES! Hey, dont forget to register either way: QR code or Link you can click below- to register and fill them out. So we can know that you are planning to come to the event and know how much pizza we can provide!

This event is included Board meeting, you can join and watch, share your ideas, opinions & feedbacks- Come! If you want to become president, vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer and MAL. We need you to vote for new officers! When this meeting is done, we will have a raffle for you to have a chance to win $200 worth of prizes! (WOW!)- When the raffle over- you can leave back home for the super bowl or you can stay with us to watch our big screen- with your friends & family- to root who we hope to win- SF 49ers or KC Chiefs? Which do you think who will win this year? (HMM) we will see- we hope to see you there!

AND don’t forget to register! (Point at you) and wink!

*Wrap up*


Google form Link to RSVP : https://forms.gle/yPeFhAPh1eDgsSJ87

QR Code:

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Ombre background of gray top to white bottom. The NAD logo is in red, blue and white in the center.Super Bowl LVIIIphoto of Andra Day, Post Malone, Reba McEntire, Usher, Daniel Durant, Anjel Piñero, and Shaheem Sanchez. Text: ASL Pregame & Halftime peformancesHere’s a link from CBS to watch the ASL Performers at Super Bowl LVIII on February 11, 2024: https://www.cbssports.com/SuperBowlASL.

Pre-game performances include America, The Beautiful performed by Anjel Piñero, Lift Every Voice and Sing performed by Shaheem Sanchez, and the National Anthem performed by Daniel Durant. The same link can be used to watch the Halftime show performed by Shaheem Sanchez.

Things to know: 
(You do not need to create a CBS Sports account, this is a free webpage.)

You can test the link now, you should see the above image to confirm you’re on the right page.

We’re rooting for you Anjel, Daniel, and Shaheem!
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