**Senate Committee on Government Operations Link & Video- CHECK THIS OUT!**

Agenda- CLICK HERE: Senate Committee on Government Operations

Livestream link: https://www.youtube.com/@VTSenateGovOps
(You just need to go onto YouTube during the time frame- Laura Siegel will be testifying!).
ASL interpreters will be available during that time slot!!

As for today- LINK: https://www.youtube.com/live/aeXhDNS9mvw?si=46bffnGnPYD30Goq
**(Our very own Laura Siegel appears at the 23:58 minute of the video)**

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**Save your date: February 11th- SUPER BOWL PARTY!!**

English text: 

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Hello Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing people of Vermont.  I am David Krueger, president of Vermont Association of the Deaf (VtAD).  I want to share with you about an upcoming event on Sunday, February 11, 2024.  VtAD is hosting a Superbowl Party and also will conduct VtAD Board Elections.

This event will be at the Vermont State University at Randolph campus.  If you remember the DBHI+ events from the last few years, it is the same location — off exit 4 from highway 89.  The address is 124 Admin Drive, Randolph Center, VT 05061.  The VtAD event is in Conant building, room 102.  Conant building is next to the gym.

The VtAD Board Elections start at 4p.  If you show up before the elections start, you will have a chance to participate in raffles totaling $200.  I want to stress that it is really important that 40 or more VtAD members show up for the election to meet quorum requirements for qualified elections.  Valid membership for the election apply to those who paid for membership in 2022 and 2023.

The Superbowl Party starts after the elections are done.  Conant 102 has a 40 foot screen for the superbowl action and auditorium seating.  VtAD will provide some food.  Potluck is welcomed.  Drinks/beverages are BYOB.

Admission for non-members is $5 (this means if you are a member, admission is free for you).  RSVP is required — send email to VtAD Secretary (email: vtad.secretary@gmail.com).

This will be an exciting event and we look forward to seeing you there!


SCAN QR TO REGISTER- or Enter the link-

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Please feel join us and watch our meeting. Please ensure to close your screen until when we are done with meeting and feel free to share your thoughts, opinion, and etc.



ID 85783446849

See you all there! đŸ™‚

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VTAD Election & Super Bowl Event

VT State University – Randolph Campus – Conant Building 4 PM (next to Gym)

Wanted to give everyone an update on what happened with Election last Saturday. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough people to go. Bylaws requires 3/4 members be there. We have 70 active members. Election requires in state voters only so we need approximately 45 members to be there to vote and we didn’t have that many people there who can vote.

We decided to postpone it to Feb 11th Sunday. that is Super bowl Sunday. We ll host that event at VT state University, Randolph campus, formerly known as VT Technical College in Randolph.

It will be at the VT State University Conant Building next door to the Gym. Its easy to get there and near the highway. We will have the Election and then the Super Bowl event there showing at a huge screen with theater seats. We ll provide chicken wings or Subways. Bring your own drinks and we will socialize and watch the game after the election for the 2024-2026 year. Look forward to seeing all of you there.

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Restorative Justice by Franly Ulerio-Nunez

Presentation at VTAD event Jan 6, 2024 at Old Barre Town Hall 1-4 pm


I’m Afro-Latino, a biochemist, and an activist. My 10+ years of experience in team leadership at different organizations took place from community to employers. My leadership model was cultivated with the support of my multi-intersectional groups throughout a series of small discussions and dialogue. I worked part time as a teaching assistant at two different Deaf schools. After that teaching experience, I currently enroll in the Animal Bioscience program for Master of Science at University of Vermont. I formerly trained in Mental Health First Aid for Adults. 

Presentation Summary:

Systematic oppression weakens the self-belonging space in leadership development. Therefore, the innovative leadership has struggles. The climate of fear within the institutions and businesses is increasing quickly.  Capitalistic culture heavily relies on an authoritarian system. The community leaders and employees immediately become divisive in the capitalistic culture. A principle of interconnectedness recognizes the internal framework that exists where human care and inclusive perspectives are present. A dignity-self-belonging structure in the institutions brings in checks and balances of power, and the ability to get support from the public. Prosperity, equity, and information access can be achieved once public trust is restored. 

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