** 2023 Town Hall Meetings**

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Hello Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing people of Vermont.  I am David Krueger, president of Vermont Association of the Deaf (VtAD).   The purpose of this video is to share information with you about the upcoming VtAD Town Hall meetings.  You might be wondering why VtAD is doing Town Hall meetings.  It is because during last spring, at the various deaf events, the VtAD board members saw that many Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing Vermonters from the four corners of our state (Swanton, NEK/Newport/St. Johnsbury, Brattleboro, and Bennington) did not attend these deaf events due to various reasons.  So, instead of asking (or expecting) these people to come to deaf events, the VtAD Board decided that we will go to them!  Especially now since many people suffered loss and damage from last week’s flooding in many areas of the state.

Hence, the schedule for the town meetings are:

   Saturday, July 22 — St. Johnsbury / Newport / NEK

   Sunday, July 23 — Waterbury

   Saturday, August 5 — Bennington

   Saturday, September 9 — Brattleboro

   Saturday, October 14 — Castleton / Rutland

More details as to specific location address and times for each meeting will be shared within a few days prior to the actual date of the meeting.  If you need help with filling out forms related to flood assistance or writing letters to the Governor for language access or something else, please come to the Town Hall meeting!  It is a place where we, the VtAD Board, want to listen to you and share resources to help you with your issues.  Hopefully, one of these meetings will be near your hometown!  We, the VtAD Board, are coming to a location near you to help support you!

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