VTAD Valentine Gathering 2/4/2023


We are excited! Heard rumors we(VTAD) will have an event?

Yes, we do! Oh wait, we forgot to introduce ourselves!

I’m Bradley Brown, VTAD: Vice-President

I’m Larry Daniel, VTAD: Secretary

VTAD will host a Valentine gathering! When: February 4th at 12:30p to 4pm. We have spaces until 4pm, we can go upstairs for public socials or go to different locations to continue your evening. The event will be held at St. John’s Club, 9 Central Ave, Burlington, VT 05401.

Oh, I need to lose some weight but what’s on the food menu? Theme: Italian food!

·      Italian sausage lasagna

·      Beef Lasagna

·      Vegan broccoli and cheese lasagna (Keto friendly)

·      Caesar salad

·      Rolls

·      Brownies and cookies

Don’t like any of those on the menu, you can bring your OWN food/meal due to your dietary and limitations.

What about drinks? You can’t bring your own drinks, including water. St. John’s Club will provide water. They do serve soda, coffee, beer, alcohol for purchase/buy (prices between $1 to $7 per drinks, cash or credit card accepted)

What will we do at the event?

·      Raffles!! Win some prizes!

·      Play games (bring some games if you want)

·      Chat and mingle around with friends

·      Short VTAD board meeting to follow up and vote few things for VTAD

·      I’m single, I have no date or anyone, should I go? YES, come and hang out with us! Maybe find your new love?

Taking pictures! What’s going on, why am I taking pictures! Oh yes, we will have a valentine picture for you to get pretty and smile in the picture for the event!

What should I wear for the event? Just wear anything in RED/BLACK/WHITE/PINK! Don’t have to wear a tux, bowtie, or fancy, just wear a nice t-shirt, jeans, something nice with the color!

You got a VTAD membership card? How much? Cost?

·      VTAD Membership: FREE

·      Not VTAD Membership: $10.00 each/per person

·      Pay VTAD membership for $20.00, then no more fee for next events! Save your money!

Anyone can come? Call everyone and fly over the world? Unfortunately, we are allowed to have up to 70 people to attend the VTAD Valentine gathering! Due to limited seating, tables, and spaces in the basement.

Should children come? It is not recommended for children to come, best for adults to come as we can enjoy dating, interact, and enjoy VTAD Valentine gatherings.

On February 4th, anyone can just show up without RSVP? No, you must RSVP first before attending VTAD Valentine gathering, please register RSVP. Can pay by credit card, debit card, Venmo, Cashapp, paypal online or pay cash at door. 



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