JOB OPPORTUNITY: Need many SSPs for DeafBlind People.

 We have exciting news for Vermonters who are interested in becoming SSPs. We received grant funding to provide SSP training for folks interested in becoming SSPs across the state of Vermont. I am thrilled to pass the mic to Taylor Ofori. Taylor is going to go ahead and expand on the selection and what information we will be providing during training. Hello! VIIS is thrilled to announce that we’ve been awarded the new SSP contract for the State of Vermont. We’re very excited to be working together with the DeafBlind and SSP Communities. This provides SSP and CN services to different states across the country. My name is Taylor Ofori, I’m an interpreter specializing in DeafBlind interpreting. I am the program manager for SSP contracts in Vermont and in Missouri. I’m from Raleigh, North Carolina, where there is a large DeafBlind community. Myself and VIIS value your feedback. If you have ideas on how to improve the program, please let me know. Our goal is to set up SSP services quickly. We will do that by outreaching with local, nonprofit, and state organizations to let them know about the new SSP program. This program is available for DeafBlind consumers, and we will also be outreaching to potential SSPs. If you a DeafBlind consumer, please go ahead and fill out the required intake application. Once approved, you’ll be ready to request SSP services. You can do that at the links below. We have an intake application link and an SSP request form. If you’re interested in becoming an SSP, please go ahead and apply. If you’d prefer to apply through video phone, please give me a call at 802-275-4704. If you’d like help with the application in spoken English, give me a call at 984-664-0703. VIIS is committed to serving the DeafBlind community of Vermont. Thank you.

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